Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Instagram the Days Away

 Here's a few Instagram pics from the past few weeks...
 My mama bought me a pretty gingham shirt and surprised me!
 I thrifted this lamp base for $5 and then added a lamp shade that was on sale from Target. Its currently casting light in our living room and looks lovely!
 The fam got gelato after a lovely night of music and greek food.
 My mom and sister dragged me to The Coffeehouse, which is apparently THE hangout spot around town. I thought this little fireplace there reminded me of my fireplace!
 I went to a job interview out in the boonies for camp and stopped by some antique stores out there. I picked up these beauties for next to nothing. I also picked up an enamelware pot to hang in my kitchen, but oh my goodness, there was so much pyrex and jadeite! It made my heart hurt! 
 Went BACK to The Coffeehouse to see my dear camp friend Jonas play a gig. He was wonderful as always and the night proved to be a memorable one. 
Madeline made pretty cupcakes! Isn't life grand?!

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  1. looks like so much fun! those shoes with the tassel are to die for!