Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Sadie!

See this girl...ITS HER BIRTHDAY!!!! Well, it will be in a few short minutes! So happy 19th birthday to my dear friend and kindred spirit, Sadie!

We've had some good times...yeah...I mean our friendship stemmed from us being in the same group at Nature's Classroom in the 5th grade and our conversations revolved around My Little Pony. It was a friendship destined to be.

We've been in plays together, endured every science class together, survived trips together (you know), broken rules together (again, you know), been to the good cup hundreds of times, gone shopping, driven around listening to music together, and skipped school together (Mrs. Wallace really likes me). All that to say that I really cherish and adore our friendship and I hope you have the happiest birthday. If I could I would bake you a cake (wow, I know...that shows how much I love you) and hang out with you all day, but I can't. So I hope this little sentiment makes up for the distance! Happy Birthday Boo Boo!

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