Monday, October 31, 2011

What I Wore Today

Today my friends commented and said that I looked like Nancy Drew. And considering that she is one of my fashion icons, I took the compliment and ran with it. I got this dress at Forever 21 this weekend (I know, I couldn't believe it either) while I was home. What a find!

Oh, and I would like to apologize for the horrible quality pictures. I don't have a camera (other than a polaroid and disposable camera) so for now, my macbook will just have to do. But here's the dress a little  more close up. I'm in love with the vintage feel of this dress. The first thing it actually reminded me of was a dress in White Christmas that Judy wears.

Maybe its just the color, but I feel like they are somewhat similar. Ya know? Anyways, I thought my Nancy Drew dress wouldn't be complete without some vintage penny loafers:

Outfit Details:
  • Dress- Forever 21
  • Tights- JcPenny
  • Loafers- Vintage

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